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I'm very impressed with my visit to Drake University today. The campus is easy to navigate and modern as well. My pre-pharmacy meeting in Olin was informative yet exciting. I can't wait to come to Drake in the fall. I've wanted to attend here since I was a little kid, and I can't wait to make my dreams come true. Pharmacy has been my career choice for a long time, and I feel very fortunate to have found such a great school offering a professional pharmacy program. Drake seems to be the perfect school for me. I come from a small town, but I'm ready to take a bigger step. A state unversity seems large and impersonal where a private school like Drake has the atmosphere of a large school with the personality of a small school. I can't wait to get involved in organizations and activities in the fall.

I spent time on the Drakeapedia Wikispace learning more about the school and its history. I was surprised to learn about the Kissing Rock and the history of the buildings around campus. I also learned about the street painting and I can't wait to be involved with that. The Drake Relays will be another highlight of my college experience. I hope to get a great education while I'm here, but at the same time I can't wait to learn about life and experience new things.

I haven't had much of a chance to take a tour of the campus yet. I've just been to a few buildings. Later today I would like to take a tour of the dorms and see the dining hall. It will be interesting to see where I will be staying next year. In general, I am so excited to spend my next six years at Drake. The educational opportunities as well as the social events will be beneficial and enjoyable for me. This is a place where I can see myself making new friends, trying new things, and getting involved. I'm so excited to take this next leap in my life! High school has been a great experience, but I'm ready to live on my own. I'll be close to my parents when I need things, but not too close.

I feel like I'm prepared for college. I've taken a variety of challenging and unique courses during high school, and I hope to continue that at Drake. I've managed to take a lot of college credit courses in high school, so I will have openings in my class schedule to take classes that interest me in addition to my required major courses. I can't wait to take my first year seminar classes. I saw the class listings and there are so many cool choices to take!

Drake is the perfect place for me to start my college life. After visiting today, I know that this is the right place for me to spendm y next six years. Thank you Drake!