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Fall 2010 - FYS 022 – Drakepedia* - Building a Living Archive - Revised 1/7/2011


Susan Breakenridge Claudia Frazer
susan.breakenridge@drake.edu Claudia.frazer@drake.edu
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Which Drake building was bombed by terrorists in the 70’s? What returning Drake student booked a ticket on an ill-fated ocean liner called the Titanic? This seminar engages students in conducting basic historical research of and for Drake University. The class will work as a group to create Drakepedia, which will live on as a permanent and public resource. Students will uncover long-forgotten stories as they navigate the fundamental issues of historical research and writing, conduct oral histories, and explore Drake’s Special Collections and the University Archives. This course would appeal to students with interests in creating wikis, online communities and collaborations, and students considering any major in the humanities as well as journalism, technology, law and education.

Course Objectives

  • Learning to read and evaluate historic documents
  • Learning to write in different styles for appropriate audiences (academic, wikis, blogs, etc.)
  • Learning to prepare, conduct, and process oral histories
  • Learning how to use web-editing software, Wikispaces
  • Understanding the process of historical research, preservation and archiving
  • Working collaboratively on a group project which ultimately becomes part of the Drake Archives
  • Understanding legal and copyright issues when researching, writing and publishing

Course Outcomes

Students will:

  • Read/review library agency and alumni files and create archive wiki entries in the Drakepedia wiki with the appropriate writing style and legal/ethical considerations.
  • Conduct an oral history of a Drake faculty, staff, or alum and along with a brief biography and photo of the person then archiving the project on the Drakepedia wiki with the appropriate writing style and legal/ethical considerations.
  • Work together to create a group project related to themselves to archive on the Drakepedia wiki
  • Attend 2 Drake events and write about their experiences
  • Research an alum using their information literacy skills and write an accurate, well cited biography for the Drakepedia wiki.
  • Participate in a tour of the State Historical Archives and the Salisbury House to better understand and appreciate archival processes.

Class Rules

  • Students are welcome and encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences in a thoughtful and professional manner.
  • No cell phones calls/texts allowed during class – SHUT THEM OFF!!!

Class Assignments

View the assignments.

* - due to another organization trademarking "Drakepedia" we have had to change our spelling at the present time.