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Attending this Admitted Student Day has been my second opportunity to see Drake University. The first time I visited Drake was this past summer when I took a campus tour and met with my admissions counselor. I was orginally referred to Drake by my mom because I had orginally had thoughts about studying pharmacy and my mom knew that Drake was a great school for this. However, in my junior year of high school, I took AP Chemistry and realized that I would not be as interested in taking similar coarses for four years of college. This past summer though, I was still willing to take a look at Drake because I knew how good of a school it was in general. After visiting, Drake was immedietly moved towards the top of my list and now that I am making a decision I am considering both Drake and Marquette.

Seeing Drake this second time has given me a whole new perspective on the school. The last time I visited it was summer so their were no students on campus and the school seemed almost dead. However this second chance to see the school has changed it because I have been able to see the school while classes are going on and while students are walking around. It was also very nice to get a closer look at the business school because in my first visit I viewed the academic portions of the school as a whole and now I was able to focus on the area I am looking at studying. To be honest, I loved the presentation given by the dean of the business school. He brought so much energy to the presentation and I liked the way he emphasized finding a career as apposed to a major. He really made it feel like Drake provides a business school that will not only give you the knowledge you need to work, but the tools you need to find a job and present yourself within the workplace.

I am still looking forward to seeing the campus some more and finding out more about the social opportunites at Drake. Having been an athlete all throughout high school, I am very interested to learn more about intramural programs because I want to still be able to play for fun while in college. The other thing I am very interested to learn much more about is the Greek life on campus. I have always had an interest in being involved in Greek life and from what I have read Drake offers great opportunities to get involved. I am interested in this because it surrounds me with similar guys who I can have fun with, but also work hard with to do different service projects and run things around campus.

With May 1 approaching in a few weeks I am hoping I will be able to make my final decision with in the next few weeks. Being between Drake and Marquette makes the decision so hard because they are both great schools that are very similar. However, having seen Drake in such a new light I have so much more information and as I weigh my options I hope that the information will all help.