2011 Drakeapedia Class Scoring Rubrics

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Scoring Rubrics for Class Assignments

Oral History Presentation Rubrics

File:Oral History PresentationRubric.xls

Oral History Interview Rubrics

File:Oral History Rubric.xls

Wiki Entry #2

File:Person Wiki Entry Rubrics.xls

Reaction Paper Rubric

File:RevisedCopy of ReactionPaperRubric.xlsx

Wiki Entry #1

File:Building Wiki Rubric.xls

SUMMARY OF ASSIGNMENT: Write a wiki entry using the correct style of writing (not informal) about your building. Include photo, map location, history of building, including the namesake, if relevant. Include appropriate connections to other wiki entries and other reputable web sources if possible. Remember to add our name and date of your wiki entry.

Wiki - Building Proficient Competent Developing Beginning Incomplete
10 points 8 points 5 points 2.5 point 0 points
Content - Research the history of the building including architect and name sake of the building in order to create a biography kind of entry on the wiki Incomplete or no submission
Proficient Competent Developing Beginning Incomplete
2.5 1.5 points 1 point .5 point 0 points
Organization/Development - Incomplete or no submission
Objective/professional tone Incomplete or no submission
Grammar/spelling/mechanics Incomplete or no submission
Include any appropriate citation/footnoting Incomplete or no submission
Photos - past and present (if possible) of the building, Incomplete or no submission
Map location as close as possible Incomplete or no submission
Identify appropriate connections to other Drakepedia pages and other web sources Incomplete or no submission
Wiki page format looks appealing Incomplete or no submission
Total points = 30

File:Autobiography rubric.xlsx

Autobiography Proficient Competent Developing Beginning Incomplete
5 points 2.5 points 1 points 1/2 point 0 points
Content - writing at least 1000 words about yourself Incomplete or no submission
Organization/Development - Submission is logically presented and covers your entire life. Note that not all time periods in your life have to be detailed but no big blocks should be excluded either. Incomplete or no submission
Grammar/spelling/mechanics Incomplete or no submission
Submitted on time No submission
Total points = 20
SUMMARY OF ASSIGNMENT: Autobiography – Total of 20 pts. -

• Content - Write a minimum of 1000 words with at least 1 appropriate photo – 5 pts. • Organization/Development - The submission is logically presented and includes at least 1 photo – 5 pts. • Writing style, grammar, and wiki page appearance – 5 pts. • Submitting both on time –5 pts ||