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Club Lacrosse (Founded 2010)

"Sit back, chill, and reLAX"

Originally submitted by: Aaron Keith, Drake University, September 21, 2010

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Starting an Organization

The goal of establishing a Drake lacrosse team has been in the making from the year 2007. The Drake University lacrosse team was finally established as an official club team in the spring of 2010. [2] The club team has two founders that really pushed toward an official Drake University club sport: Ben Shoff and Rien Zabor. The support had been there to start a club team but there were simply not enough players to take the field as a team. The team now has around twenty-five players, which allowed the team to join Drake University's club sports. The club lacrosse team is the newest of clubs on campus and spring of 2010 marked the first season for sanctioned games. [1]


Rien Zabor
Ben Shoff

How to Join

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The club team is always looking for new members to join, including women. However there is a women's Drake lacrosse club that will emerge in the spring of 2011. There are no membership dues and extra equipment in the shed, which makes joining the team as easy as showing up. The team ranges from players that have been playing for only a few hours to those that grew up in lacrosse gear.

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When and Where


The club meets for practice a few times a week, with practices lasting an average of two hours. Practice is usually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, however, if it is the week of a game, a practice on Thursday is not unusual. Practices and games are usually held at the Drake soccer practice field, directly east of the Knapp Tennis Complex. On rare occasions, if Drake Stadium is not in use, the lacrosse team can host games on the artificial field turf.

Opponents and Future

The Drake University club team is currently part of the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association also referred to as the Box Lacrosse League. Drake plays teams from the surrounding areas; extending from as close as West Des Moines Valley, to a trip to Omaha to play Creighton University. Having a club team in Iowa is quite an achievement, however, the team does not want to stop there. The future goal of the program is to join the Great Lakes Lacrosse League, or the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association. Joining either of these leagues would bring Drake one-step closer to the NCAA's major lacrosse teams. [3]

Drake Lacrosse Quotes

  • "Sit back, chill and reLAX" - Team Moto
  • "Quack on 3.... 1, 2, 3, QUACK!" - Team Breakdown
  • "It's almost like we're better than all the other clubs Drake has, especially the ultimate club, they wouldn't let me play because I wasn't good enough. When you're with the lax bros nobody cares how good you are, just as long as you're chill. - Ben Shoff
  • "Guys let's just get some line drills and get outta here, I have stuff to do." - Ben Shoff "Like what?" - Drake Blessum "...Chill" - Ben Shoff

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