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Jethro's BBQ

Originally submitted by Josh Brink on December 12, 2010

Jethro's BBQ is a restaurant and sports bar located one block west of Drake University's campus on Forest Avenue. Jethro's takes pride in where it's located and shows it by actively supporting Drake, especially athletics. One of its most prominent ways the restaurant supports is through their participation in Spike's Army. They also like to call themselves "Jethro's, your Drake Neighborhood Sports Bar." Jethro's Sports Bar offers a large variety of entertainment. With its fifteen flat screen T.V.'s supported by fifteen satellites, Jethro's can support any kind of sports game with the comfort and entertainment at the bar. The cooks at Jethro's smoke the meat with hickory and oak in a 750 lb. smoker very slowly. This gives it the flavor and juiciness expected from barbecue. All of the food is prepared fresh and homemade daily at the restaurant. Jethro's meat and sandwiches are nationally renown and recognized. Better Homes and Gardens magazine ranked Jethro's as their best and favorite barbecue.[1]

Man vs Food

On October 6, 2010, Jethro's was featured on Man vs Food on the Travel Channel. The host, Adam Richman, attempted the "Adam Emmenecker Challenge" but failed. The challenge is to eat a 5lb sandwich in fifteen minutes. If you succeed, you get a free Jethro's t-shirt, a picture of you goes on the wall of fame, and you get the sandwich for free.[1]