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Lou Ann Simpson

Interviewed by Emily Notturno & Max Chorpash

LouAnn Simpson was born and raised in Lakefield, MN, a small town of about 500 people. She was recruited by Drake University during her junior year of high school. After visiting, she decided Drake was the right place for her, and she enrolled for the fall semester of 1961.While at Drake University pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business, she lived in the Carpenter Residence Hall, and was involved in the Newman Society and the Carpenter judicial board. After graduating with a degree in Accounting, she continued her education at the Drake University Law School, where she received her law degree in 1968. She then began practicing law in Des Moines, IA, until about 5 years later when her favorite accounting professor (the Dean of the business school at that time) contacted her, desperately in need of business law professor. She accepted the offer and fell in love with teaching, so she left her law practice. Simpson has held positions such as assistant dean, associate dean, interim vice president of advancement, and currently holds the position of Faculty Senate President. While holding these different positions throughout the years, she has never left the classroom, “In the grand scheme of things, at the end of the day I still love teaching, I’m glad I gave up the practice to teach, I’m glad I practiced law for as long as I did, I’m glad I’ve had all the experiences I’ve had, I wouldn’t trade that variety of experience for anything.”

Audio Interview

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