President's Office

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President’s Office

Originally submitted by: Jared Netley, Drake University, December 16, 2010

Facing South Towards President's Desk. Photo by Jared Netley

Facing North Towards the Confrence Table. Photo by Jared Netley

The President's Office is located on the first level of Old Main. When entering from the front doors, the office is located to the left-hand-side wing of the building. The office consists of three parts: the secretary's desk and waiting area, the offices of the president’s staff, and the president's office itself. The office had been located in the same area since the college's founding in 1881. Old Main was built to hold the administration offices for the university. The building was originally built in 1881. [1] The front part of the building was used as offices and the back side was used as a lecture hall and chapel. Classrooms where located upstairs and between offices and the chapel.[2]

Facing West Towards the Sitting Area. Photo by Jared Netley

The president's office changes as the presidents change. As a new president comes to serve the university, he or she is able to decorate the room as he or she wants. The only three things that do not change with the presidents are the desk, conference table, and the bookshelves. Renovations have been made to the building over the years, but the only major changes to the offices occurred during the 1990's. The building got new face life by painting, re-wallpapering, and adding and removing doors to the hallways. [3]

Right now the current president who resided in the office is President David Maxwell.

President's Office is located in the South-East corner of Old Main.


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