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Originally submitted by: Josh Brink, Drake University, Oct 23, 2010


Purpose of Organization

InterVarsity is a christian fellowship for college students to be invovled in across the nation. This time of fellowship is to get together with friends to praise and worship God through songs and prayers. Drake InterVarsity large group meets every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. at Sussman Theatre in Lower Olmsted. Also, there are many different small groups that meet during the week. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to join!


InterVaristy began in England in 1877 with a group of students at the University of Cambridge who met together to worship God even though it was discouraged. They coined the name InterVarsity from inter which means between and varsity which is the British word for college level students. In 1928, the British InterVarsity sent Howard Guiness to Canada to start the new campaign in North America. Students raised the money for Guiness to get a one way ticket on a ship bound for Canada. On his journey across the ocean, he had a lot of seasickness, and he also converted others on the boat. Once in Canada, Guiness slowly made his way across the country helping many college students and their faculty advisors start their own InterVarsity organization. In 1937, Guiness and other Canadians noticed a cry for help from the United States and in May of 1941 InterVarsity became an official organization. Today, there are over 32,000 students led by over 1,000 leaders. InterVarsity is an organization that is still growing and thier involvement in the community impacts many. [1]

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Service Projects

Giving back to the community is a major part of InterVarsity's mission on campus. "Community service is just one way we like to show God's love. Everyone has a sense of wanting to do, and it's not like they're required to do it," says Emily Boyd class of 2012. InterVarsity helps and serves for area organizations that are in need of help, and the members dedicate one Saturday a month. Projects include helping out with</span> Habitat for Humanity, voluteering with Relay for Life, playing baseball with mentally disabled children at the Miracle League at Principal Park, and many other various service projects. "The students always have a great time and those that they help love having them and are very greatful that they are helping out," says Amy Schoepf, Drake's InterVarsity head staff member. [2]

Get Invovled

It's easy! "Joining our fellowship in the Lord is very easy. All you have to do is come!" says Boyd. There is no fee or any obligation to come. Anybody from any walk of life is welcomed to join and there are a little over 50 people that are actively involved. InterVarsity offers many ways to get involved. A large group meets to worship in the Morehouse ballroom every Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. Also, there are many small groups that meet during the week to have bible studies about certain subjects in life. There are six different groups that meet during the week somewhere on campus. For more information on what these small groups study or if you would like to join go to [2]

Helping out at Miracle League
InterVarsity actively and continually prays for all of those on campus.